Revolution develops relationships from the inside out,starting with empowering our employees and carrying through to our customers and our localcommunities.

We understand that our employees are the backbone of our business because of the integrity and professionalism they exude.

Notable Project History

Mile Hi Bakery 4000AMP Service Upgrade

Install new 4000AMP service and ATS. Install new 4000AMP Nema 3R bus to a New 4000AMP Switchgear. Install 1200AMP and 1600AMP distribution panels. New Branch loads to bun line including 400AMP Mixer, 400AMP Zepplin, 200AMP Proofer, 200AMP Oven, 225AMP Production line Ect… Install conduit and controls for USE-Bin, and Glycol system.

Mile Hi Bakery Muffin Line Relocate

Relocated the existing muffin line 30’ to the south of current position. Relocated 400A High voltage panel, 200A Griddle, 300A Mixer, 70A Spiral Cooler, 50A Conveyor Cabinet, and bagger equipment. Installed conduit and controls for Spiral cooling tower.

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